November 2022

                                                                                  Gesellschaft für Auxologie
                                                                                         Auxological Society

Dear friends, dear members of the Auxological Society,

it is time to write again. Meanwhile, many things have happened. Our journal ( has become popular and is widely read. Many thanks to all of you who contributed to it! The second issue of this year is in the copyediting and will appear soon.
Please remember that you as a member of our Auxological Society when publishing, enjoy a substantial reduction of the open access fee. We are on the way to get into pubmed, and we are confident that we will get an impact factor in due time.
Next year’s Soiree will again be held in Aschau on Saturday June 17th 2023. We will talk about networks in auxology, about real social networks and about biostatistical aspects of networks, virtual networks and Monte Carlo simulations. Our next International Student Summer School will be held in Gülpe July 16th to 22nd 2023 (
This year’s Summer School students have already started to upload their manuscripts in the Gülpe Student’s supplement, and we are editing a special volume with some 10 manuscripts in memoriam of our good friend Jaydip Sen who sadly passed away that will presumably appear early next year.
All the best and cordially yours

Christiane Scheffler                  Michael Hermanussen                           Slawomir Koziel